Write Your Autobiography

Why you should write an autobiography

It’s not only celebrities who have stories worth telling. To your children and grandchildren, the opportunity to learn more about the life you led before they came on the scene is very precious.

This is how a couple of our clients explained why they wanted to write an autobiography.

“My father was a Battery Sergeant Major in the Boer War in 1899, and never ceased to enthral me as a child with stories of his experiences in his trek from Cape Town to Mafeking. All his stories died with him, and I bitterly regret that I could never persuade him to put pen to paper.”

“My sister and I both wish that we had asked Granny, Grandma and all the other older people in our lives many questions … Who were they and what did they think and expect of life? … So that is why I am writing my memoirs for you, instead of you all worrying about what you did not ask …”

  • It’s fun to recall the high points and re-live the excitement of adventures in your life:

“We had the most fabulous time in Cairo … We were fêted on all sides and our bedroom was a mass of flowers, chocolates and invitations.”

(from the memoirs of a lady who served in the entertainment corps, ENSA, during WW2)

“We loved the house on Guan Soon Avenue … The garden grew papaya and pomegranates. The Flame Tree bloomed twice a year and was visible for miles around. …”

(memories of life in Singapore as an RAF wife)

  • And it can also be therapeutic:

“I was once in the depths of despair, but with the help of many kind and skilled people, I was able to regain my life and be optimistic about the future. If my example can help someone in a similar situation, or the parents of a child with disabilities, then writing this book will have been well worthwhile.”

(from the autobiography of someone disabled as a young man)

If you have always wanted to write your autobiography, we can show you how and help you succeed.

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