Self Publishing

Self publishing

When you have completed your manuscript, we can turn it into an attractive book for your family to enjoy. Our clients are always delighted to see the fruits of their labours in the form of an actual book – something of real value to hand down to future generations.

(Self publishing is not the same thing as “vanity publishing”, which usually involves authors paying for large quantities of books that they attempt to sell for profit. Typically, the vanity publisher provides no help with marketing and distribution.)

We specialise in small-scale production for family and friends. However, authors can always send one of our editions off to be assessed by a commercial publisher if they feel that their work might be of interest to a wider readership.

Different types of book production

You have a range of book formats to choose from:

  • Large, leather-bound “coffee table” volumes
  • Standard sized hardback books in individually designed dust jackets
  • Good quality paperbacks

All our book formats have the option of black and white and colour photographs. They make marvellous presents at Christmas or to mark a special anniversary.

Many clients use our full service of writing support, copy editing and book production. Alternatively, you can bring us a finished manuscript for a basic service of just layout, printing and binding.

“I am very impressed with the standard of print, finish and design of my books.”
Mr P Bartlett, May 2010

“I must say that the quality of the books in every respect is first class.”
Mr W J Aston, February 2012

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