Life Story Writing

Help with writing your life story

To help you write your life story in your own words, one of our writing partners will work with you, building up your autobiography stage by stage. We help you plan the structure of your book and get you started.

  • You can have a series of face-to-face meetings in which we review your writing, agree on editing changes to improve the text, and discuss the content of the next instalment. There’s no obligation to commit to any specific number of meetings – you can have as many or as few as you think necessary.
  • In between meetings, your writing partner puts in a lot of work on each instalment you write. This involves typing up the chapters if necessary, editing your manuscript and making suggestions on ways to make it as interesting as possible for the readers.
  • Alternatively, we can work with you by correspondence or email.

You choose

Whatever means you choose, our aim is to help you discover your hidden talent as a memoir writer so that your autobiography will be the best it can be. Using our tips to jog your memory and include all the fascinating little details that your readers will enjoy, you’ll end up achieving a book to be proud of.

“I now realise I have achieved something that I didn’t know I could do – write a book no less! Thanks for your encouragement and help.”
Mrs P Elven, April 2009

“Thank you for the support you have given me. I could not have set down my experiences without your steady hand.”
Mr B Wakeham, December 2010

Your book can take whatever form you like and cover what has been important to you, whether it is your career, the history of your family business, or your favourite leisure pursuits. Some clients include letters and poems they have written and we have also produced collections of recipes.

To find out more about our memoir writing service please contact me.