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Our ghostwriter service

For those who prefer not to do the actual writing, but still want to tell their life story, we can provide a ghost writer. If you feel that you are too busy to spare the time, or maybe don’t really enjoy writing, this could be the answer.

What is a ghost writer? It’s someone who steps into the shoes of the would-be author, researches their book by various means, and writes the entire manuscript to order.

We can work with you in a number of different ways:
  • Information can be gathered from interviews, either face-to-face, by email or by telephone.
  • You can supply rough notes and background material, including letters and diary extracts.
  • You can dictate your thoughts onto a tape for us to transcribe and edit.
A wonderful present for parents or grandparents

What more flattering a present could there be than having a specialist commissioned to write your life story? This is a gift that provides many weeks or months of an enjoyable project, with an end product to delight all the family.

“I was very interested to read everything and I think you've done a great job. I can hear my grandmother telling you the stories!”
Ms A Onslow, January 2007

“This has been a wonderful project for my dad – there’s definitely more of a spring in his step and I would even say that his memory seems the better for it.”
Mrs F Jackson, May 2012

We can even produce a beautiful book as a complete surprise at a milestone birthday party or a retirement 'do'. One lady gave her mother an impressive 'This is Your Life' book at her 80th birthday party, which we'd produced in total secrecy!

Start on a trial basis

Before committing yourself to a major project, it makes sense to try out our service with a chapter or two. We are always happy to work with you on a sample chapter to see whether it meets your expectations.

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